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Original Translator (OT): I wasn't shy about changing around terms. This page is for the benefit of people who've read the original rulebook and might otherwise get confused if they encounter the changes.

  • Note: Original Translator is I failed jp302. contact: jp302 on, #tlwiki;

We have used jp302's translation and have/are in the process of retranslating and double-checking everything for accuracy, as well as including errata found on the Nechronica website.


Who we are/project history

Japanese vs. English Order[edit]

The wiki's in English. Our players read English. This makes the book (Japanese) order cumbersome and unintuitive to navigate. However, translators may wish to retain the default order for translation purposes. Therefore, we re-ordered Parts and Skills to be alphabetical according to the English alphabet as their own sub-sections for ease of use to non-translators. Changes:

  1. Japanese Order: Skills are ordered as they appear in the book. English Order: Skills are ordered alphabetically in English.
  2. Japanese Order: Parts are ordered as they appear in the book. English Order: Parts are ordered alphabetically in English.

Any .pdf released by us will be in English Order.

  1. I personally decided to scrap this layout. It was starting to get far too cluttered. Everything is now arrayed in an English order.

Liberal Translations[edit]

As much as we would like to keep liberal translations to a minimum, the Japanese language can make this difficult. As an example, many Skill names are liberally translated, and the areas on the battle map have been localized for English-speakers.

General Terms[edit]

Really General Terms[edit]

OT: I changed these either because they unnecessarily defied common (English) RPG terminology or they were used to refer to something entirely different elsewhere in the text.

Japanese English
ジャッジ(判定) Check
ターン Round
パート(セッション中) Phase
レベル(強化パーツ) Tier


OT: The Japanese word used, 未練, means attachment to something (or someone) with an implication of being unable to get over it despite one's better judgement. I originally planned to use just "Attachments" for this, but Yaruki Zero's "Fetters" is more colorful and somewhat implies the same meaning.

Battle Map[edit]

OT: I was extremely liberal with the names of the areas on the battle map, as they're not actually important. The result, hopefully, is that the order is more intuitive to English speakers with a basic knowledge of mythology.

Japanese Literal English
楽園 Paradise Eden
花園 Flower Garden Elysium
煉獄 Purgatory Limbo
地獄 Hell Hades
奈落 Naraka Tartarus



Damaged Goods[edit]

OT: The Japanese skill name literally means "Half-Destroyed", but I felt that this was not an intuitive description of what the skill represents.


Basic Parts[edit]


Arm has been renamed to Forearm so that there is less confusion about One's Many Charms and the Arms location.


The previous translation had an error in Spine's range. Spine's correct range is Self, not 0.


Great Knife[edit]

OT: The Japanese part name is "Jogiri" in reference to an advertising campaign for 'The Hills Have Eyes' gone horribly wrong. I made it a more descriptive Silent Hill reference instead.


Quadruple Amputee[edit]

OT: The Japanese part name is "Daruma".



This translates as "Tentacle" but I personally felt there would be too much confusion with the Mutation "Tentacles" so I named it Mecha-Tentacles.


Undead Pet[edit]

OT: The Japanese part name is "Small Undead", but I felt that this was not an intuitive description of what the part describes.



"Ranged Attack" was renamed to "Shooting Attack"


Retranslated all the mechanics and the flavour text for all Positions.


  1. Healing: Effect clarified.




  1. Even Unto Tartarus has been removed via errata.
  2. Damaged Goods has had its effect corrected to function under two different conditions.
  3. Even Unto Tartarus/奈落への抗い is in a state of Limbo. It was removed from the game in errata posted on 08/10/2011, but is mentioned in a FAQ posted on 23/01/2012. Until we found out for sure the state of the skill, it will remain here.
  4. Even Unto Tartarus is indeed a valid skill and has been returned to the Junk page.


  1. Composure: You gain -> You can gain



Retranslated all the mechanics and the flavour text for all Classes.


  1. Corpse Style's Timing has been corrected from "Judge" to "Check".
  2. Defend cannot be used against the "Area Attack" effect.
  3. Defend has been renamed to Protect to prevent confusion with Defend parts.
  4. Meat Shield cannot negate the damage of an attack. Only effects.
  5. Organ Donor works on yourself.


  1. Drama of Death's Timing has been corrected from "Damage" to "Auto."
  2. Unlimited Destruction's effect has been clarified.
  3. Unlimited Destruction's effect was corrected from "below zero" to "zero or less".
  4. Drama of Death's translation was fixed. (2018-11-29)





  1. Changed One's Many Charms effect to reflect the naming change of the Arm part to Forearm.


  1. Vortex of Destruction: Corrected translation to say each target chooses its own Parts to break. Also, unavailable until the end of the first Round.
  2. Distorted Power: Corrected to let the target choose what to break.
  3. Shared Loss: Target picks what to break.

Basic Parts[edit]

  1. Spine: The following text was added, "Stacks if used repeatedly. Discount may be divided totally arbitrarily."


  1. In the English Order, Flame Thrower has been renamed to Flamethrower.
  2. Rocket Launcher was corrected from Ranged into Blast.
  3. Boost corrected to "You cannot target yourself. Move 1."
  4. Barbed Wire activates when you deal damage.
  5. Retranslated all the mechanics and the flavour text for all armaments.
  6. Corrected "Armor Plating" to "Alloy Trunk" and retranslated the flavor text as well.
  7. Changed "Alloy Trunk" to "Steel Case" to further clarify what the part actually is.
  8. "Barbed Wire" corrected to allow use for Unarmed Attacks.


  1. Cold Light has the following text added: "This effect does not stack."
  2. Horn has the following text added: "Horn works once per Count. Attacks affected by Instrument of Evil may still activate Horn's Chain effect."
  3. Patchwork now regenerates itself and one basic part after battle.
  4. Retranslated all the mechanics and the flavour text for all mutations.
  5. Skinny has had the text updated to: "During the Battle Phase, once for each Check, you may negate 1 Hinder attempt against it."


  1. Antenna's text has been corrected from "Once per Round, you may perform a Maneuver which normally costs a Madness Point for free." to "During the Battle Phase, once per Round, you may reduce the Madness Point cost of your Maneuver by 1."
  2. Crab Legs and Gauntlet's Defend text has been changed from "Defend 1 (can only defend the Arms.)" to "During Damage Timing, you gain "Defend 1" for Legs only."
  3. Crab Legs is not just a Gauntlet for your Legs location. Its effect has been corrected dramatically.
  4. In the English Order, Light Saber has been renamed to Lightsaber.
  5. Rocket Pack's Range is "Self," and "once per Phase" has been corrected to "once per Battle."
  6. Tentacle, the T2 ENH Part, has been renamed to Mecha-Tentacle to avoid possible confusion with T2 MUT's Tentacles.
  7. Spikes activates when you deal damage.
  8. Pile Bunker has been corrected to deal 2 damage instead of 1.
  9. Retranslated all the mechanics and the flavour text for all armaments.


Doll Creation[edit]

  1. Dolls start with 3 Madness Points on each Fetter.


  1. Movement is now defined as heading "towards Eden or Tartarus."
  2. Wording has been cleaned up and clarified for all maneuvers, and some have errata included, such as Explosive.
  3. Area Attack had the "temporary fix" applied. It now targets a single character, like other attacks. (2018-11-29)

Combat, Karma, and Favor[edit]

  1. References to Action Points being "below zero" were corrected to "zero or less".

Creating Enemies[edit]

  1. "Position" has been removed from the part rate table via errata.