Trigger Happy Court

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Court Sample Character.jpg

Trigger-happy Court


Starting Position: Elysium

Maximum Action points: 10

Position: Court
Composure (Auto/None/Self)- You can gain +1 to the die roll on Action Checks.

Main Class: Requiem
Gun God (Auto/None/Self)- When you make an Attack Check for a Shooting Attack Maneuver, you may add +1 to the die roll.

Concentrate (Rapid/2/Self)- Until the end of the Round, all your Attack Checks gain +1 to the die roll.

Sub Class: Requiem
Magic Bullet (Auto/None/Self)- During the Battle Phase, when you make a Shooting Attack Maneuver, its maximum range increases by +1.

Brain [Auto/0/Self] +2 Action Points
Eyes [Auto/0/Self] +1 Action Points
Jaw [Action/2/0] Unarmed Attack 1
Kung Fu [Auto/None/Self] Maximum Action Points +1
Bolt Head [Check/1/Self] Support 2
Fist [Action/2/0] Unarmed Attack 1
Shoulder [Action/4/Self] Move 1
Forearm [Check/1/0] Support 1
Sniper Rifle [Action/2/2-3] Shooting Attack 1. Add +1 to the die roll of the Attack Check.
Twin Pistols [Action/3/0-1] Shooting Attack 2 + Chain Attack 1
Undead Gun [Action/3/1-2] Shooting Attack 1 + Explosive + Area Attack
Spine [Action/1/Self] One Maneuver you use on the next Count during this Round has it's Cost reduced by 1
Entrails [Auto/0/Self] None
Entrails [Auto/0/Self] None
Small Undead [Auto/None/None] Your treasure, Zombie Lab Mouse
Bone [Action/3/Self] Move 1
Bone [Action/3/Self] Move 1
Foot [Check/1/0] Hinder 1

You're a girl who can do anything.
You've got knowledge, cleverness, and strong reasoning.
I remember and respect your sharpshooting arm.

Now, go out and see the world.
Come and see the wide world, come and fight.
[Sniper Rifle], [Twin Pistols], [Undead Gun],...... Freely use and master these three guns to your heart's content.
You're a [Gun God], you can hit even if you shoot without aiming.
But if you want even more, you can [Concentrate] and tune with [Bolt Head].
More than anything else you're a master at using the [Magic Bullet].
You can shoot as much as you want from a safe distance.
That's right, I also gave you a pet.
I'll add other dolls to your escort.

Your Sisters don't know much about the world, so teach them.