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1 Behind the Door Overcame by curiosity, you opened that door you were told never to open.

Behind that door.... what was there? What did you see? You can't remember anymore. But you have a feeling that whatever was behind that door and your current condition, are connected.

2 Boat Trip You went up a ship with someone and set sailed. Pointing and laughing at the

gulls, the atmosphere upon that calm sea is filled with solicitude. But now, that ocean you've once sailed, once filled with happiness, is no more. Even the blue skies are naught but memories.

3 Moonlight Bath You were chatting happily under that dreamy moon light, till you forgot the

passage of time. Who were you talking to? Was it the moon? The starry skies? Or someone you cherished? Even when you have forgotten about who or what you were talking with, you'll never forget the moonlight.

4 Wedding A beautiful dress, words of congratulations. A deep passionate kiss, a vow to be

together forever. That was the memory of the wedding day of you and the other half that you couldn't remember. You can't tell if the wedding in your memories was truly long lasting or merely a show. But you still recall, how fast your heart was beating at that moment...

5 Vengeance A piece of cold metal resides deep within your heart and constantly prickled

your heart, it made you lose control of your temper. Despite not being able to remember who and what that hate is, you're unable to release yourself from that deep instinctual hate deep within. Perhaps, this was the thing that made you rise up again.

6 Hollow Days Something seemed missing, everyday seemed so hollow, and you cannot see

any hope in the future. Everything you see, heard or touch have no meaning what so ever. And now you have literally became what you once figuratively was, a living corpse.

7 Display Window You have wanted it for so long, you wanted it so much that you're unable to take

your eyes off it. Even though you cannot touch it, it's always there where you can see it. What was the thing that you wanted? And did you get it in the end?

8 Delusion Reality was so cruel, that's why you escaped into your happy delusions. You

can still remember that perfect world in your mind, no matter how fragmented it is. But the reality is, you've been brought into a even crueler world than before. How you longed to escape, to escape into yout blissful delusion.

9 Sound of Destruction At that time, every minute, every second felt like an eternity. You were hiding

from something, and it's something you do not wish to see. Because whatever it was, it's appearance heralded destruction. And until it completely destroyed you, you waited.

10 Suicide At that instant, perhaps it was a reflex, perhaps you were forced to the brink,

you can't remember what you were thinking before you died. Anyway, in the end, you seemed to have made the decision to take your own life.

11 Two of You Description
12 Slave to Love Description
13 Sold Description
14 Sacrifice Description
15 Broken Description
16 Guide Description
17 Regret Description
18 Shame Description
19 Twisted Love Description
20 Prank Description
21 Ignored Description
22 Swimming Description
23 Snacks Description
24 What if Description
25 Forbidden Love Description
26 Forbidden Fruit Description
27 Farm Description
28 Factory Works Description
29 Following Description
30 Darkness Description
31 Idol Description
32 Special Description
33 Predated Description
34 Three Leaf Clover Description
35 Headpats Description
36 Searching for Something Description
37 Deteriorating Relationship Description
38 Restless Description
39 Foolish Stubbornness Description
40 Lady Description
41 Sweet Time Description
42 Hlaf Dead Description
43 Broken Mirror Description
44 The Warmth of Death Description
45 Lunch Description
46 Rock Bottom Description
47 Doll Game Description
48 Witness Description
49 Natural Disaster Description
50 Emptiness Description
51 Farewell Description
52 Clean Description
53 Cruel Games Description
54 Refugees Description
55 Wheat Field Description
56 Among the Alleyways Description
57 Wet Bed Description
58 Love Lost Description
59 Falling Description
60 Agreement Description
61 Insect Love Description
62 Shaped Flower Description
63 Investigation Description
64 Feast of the Dead Description
65 Good End Description
66 Together as One Description
67 Useless Description
68 Stupid! Description
69 Dog Days Description
70 Before the Grave Description
71 Cherry Blossom Bloom Description
72 Corpses Description
73 Camera Description
74 Hot Breath Description
75 Mutation Description
76 Kitten Description
77 Fingertips Description
78 Dull Eyes Description
79 Let Me Out! Description
80 Sacrifice Description
81 Code Description
82 Maturity Description
83 Friends Description
84 Haircut Description
85 Closed Door Description
86 Enhancements Description
87 Artificial Sleep Description
88 Elope Description
89 Faded Feelings Description
90 Passionate Description
91 Argument Description
92 Confession Description
93 Backstreets Description
94 Knife Description
95 Light Description
96 Panic Description
97 Final Treatment Description
98 Assistant Description
99 Culture Tank Description
100 Early Creation Description