Wake Up Locations: The Great Drama

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Wake Up Table[edit]

The Wake Up Location Table is used to assist at the start of the game.
The content of the script in the player's mind often depends on their first impression. For the story, it is the scene and the atmosphere the Dolls first encounter. The scene of the blood drenched operating room, the forest, the ruined city and the like are similar to the style of this dead age.
Players who come into contact with different styles of opening will have corresponding emotional feelings.

1 Operating Room In the dimly lit room, there is a tank filled with fluid. The girls opened their eyes inside the culture tank surrounded by cold light. As if responding to their awakening, the lid of the culture tank opened. Worried and naked, the Dolls emerged, seeing clothing and equipment laid out for them. After dressing, they start to look around... and they noticed that there was a black and bloodstained operating table and a medicine cabinet laden with numerous bottles. A dark shadow falls across the stage the Dolls find themselves upon...
2 Abandoned Sewers This place, where nothing is going on. This is where your eyes open. You don't know why you are in this darkness. There are small scurrying movements all around you. It seems they're avoiding your attention. There is debris and waste scattered around. Hungry vermin infesting this cave. As long as you look for it, you can see that the other girls are a reassuring sight which makes you want to rely upon them. However, it is impossible to remain here. The vermin, pests and beasts are already starting to gather. The growl of hungry jaws skittering around and under your feet. Better leave soon.
3 Dungeon A dark room where the sun does not shine into. Your body lies upon the damp floor. You don't know where the water is coming from. There are broken beds. The corner of the room is a toilet and a sink, overflowing with waste. You don't know why you are here. Looking around the room, you can see iron railings that replace the doors. You understand this gloomy situation and nearly fall into despair, but close to the edge of your cage, you can see nearby cells, also filled with prisoners. A girl? If you can talk to her, talk to them, you can break through this problem.
4 House Within the mansion that boasts beautiful decorations, the Dolls sleep. As time went by, the mansion slowly fell into disrepair and decay. Everything is rotting in the wreckage and the dust. Only the girls remain young and beautiful. Even then, some parts of their bodies have been changed or mutated. If they go outside like this, surely there will be no more danger? Where is this? Beyond the doors, corridors and stairs, waiting outside must surely be the same old world..
5 Garden Look at the well kept garden, in contrast to the decaying plants and gloomy skies. However, as long as you look closely, you'll see that everything is rotten and falling apart. Even if you touch something gently, it will break. The girls wake up amongst the most beautiful flowers in this garden. The flowers have no aroma. The grass is also watery. These flowers are artificial flowers that can easily be discovered by touching them with your hands. As if in reaction to the awakening of the Dolls, these fake flowers start to bloom...
6 City Streets The wide road is empty. At the crossroads, strange plants grow through the cracked road surface and the girls wake up at the center of the intersection. The city under the gloomy sky is no different than any other ruin. Every window is broken. No matter if it's a street light, traffic light or even a signboard, none of them are intact. The city seems to be a huge, empty shell of concrete and asphalt roads. No one here, except the girls. What led to the city becoming such a terrible, empty thing?
7 Forest Feel the breath of life between the leaves and the wind. When their eyes open, the girls do not see birds or squirrels..only monsters snatched up by the trees or lying dead, scattered around. Extremely dangerous and poisonous plants, eager to pluck up the girls who have been planted in the soil. Such a strange forest is like a different world. What was this place? Every now and again, you can see ruins and rubble peeking out from the soil, as well as artifacts from the eradicated world. What is going on? Whether it's a plant or insect, it's trying to devour the life of the girls. Where are the birds?
8 Wilderness Cracks spread through the ground. Only a few large rocks cast their shadows. There is evidence there was once a river here that only forms when rain falls. In this barren land, the girls are blooming flowers in the wilderness. Open your eyes, climb with your body, wipe off the dust and dirt. Try to look into the distance and look for the shadows of what is left. Was a truck rolling away? A huge mountain of the living dead? A twisted, flying ship? Or nothing in the distance. Smoke rises in the horizon, in this wilderness dotted with dead wood. You don't know what is going on, but you have to move forward.
9 Ship The girls are woken by the shock of an impact. The boat the girls are upon is stranded upon the shore. There are many metal wrecks and pipes around the ship. Between the sand dunes, strange crabs are digging and burrowing. Where did the boat come from? Was it to escape? Or was it during your unlife? You can't think of anything. Look to the ocean...it's cruelty is boundless. The sky is oppressive and bleak. Dark clouds are coming, bringing with them the storm. It is best to leave soon.
10 Victory Suddenly, you come back to your senses. Your eyes slowly focus, showing girls around with with the same expressions of unease and concern. Then, at your feet, countless corpses. A slaughter. Your mutated flesh, the weapons gripped in your hands, you not only know how to use them, but its as if you have used them for a long time. Your body is strange and mutated. Where are you? What happened here? While trying to speak to the others, a hidden screen flickers up, bringing with it applause and the voice of the observer..

Use With Existing Scripts[edit]

Depending on the choice of scene, the words used in the given script will be different.
For example, if a script states that the Dolls originally awakened in a pile of flesh is designated as a battle, then the Dolls can begin their story in a battle with monsters. After victory, the original monsters will be the starting point, now the piles of flesh referenced in the text.
According to different choices, the same set of scripts can produce an array of results. For players who have already experienced the same script before, this can provoke new experiences for them.

Relationship With Others[edit]

It is possible to combine the Post Mortem experience and the Wake Up Location Table. This way, you can give a deeper impression of the Doll when you create them at the beginning of the game. If there is enough time, it is also possible to let each Doll have a different introduction, which may add atmosphere.
If the Dolls are scattered across different scenes, it may be time consuming. If you all wake up in the same place, you can start with the introductions and let everyone do something. If you are using the former, it is better to have full interactions begin once all the Dolls have met up.

Madness When Awakening[edit]

If where they wake up has an impact upon the Doll, it can make the Doll mad at the moment of their awakening. Such horror can be very significant if it is their very first impression of the new world.
However, in this case, it is necessary to consider the increase and decrease of Madness Points. Thus, it is very important to create opportunities for Conversation Checks.