Welcome Party From Beth


# of Players 2-4 people
Estimated Time 2-3 hours
Total Favor Gain 2 PCs, 18 points

3 PCs, 28 points

4 PCs, 38 points.

Summary Edit

Synopsis: The Dolls who arrived at the coast will discover a big boat that has run aground. If they explore it they will discover a strange place and a hermit's lair. Then, following the invitation signs, an innocent girl with her sanity wears a big smile as the door opens to reveal distorted, hideous flesh.

Caution: This is a slightly irregular scenario made for Necromancer and players who have played Nechronica several times. The horror flavour is strong and there are many opportunities to go insane in the scenario. Regarding battle, if you do not think much about clearing conditions, you will be able to easily win. Since it is structured to take time to explore adventure parts, please pay attention to time allocation. In addition, to enjoy this scenario properly, a doll with an attack maneuver with 'Dismember' effect is essential. Although there are opportunities to get parts with 'Dismember' effect within the scenario, it would be better for you to have a doll with the ability to do so already. Also, the presence or absence of "Area" attacks is an important key.

Adventure Phase Edit

   Karma: "Read the navigation diary and notes."

The ship that had run aground. Edit

This scenario starts near the coast as mentioned. Please read the following sentences when the Necromancer starts the session.

Wandering around in the wilderness you suddenly smell something
in the wind... You hear the sound of a horn, loud and heavy. As
you head there, the sound of the ocean becomes clearer and the sea
becomes visible. As you approach, you can watch the surfing waves
and the sandy beach.
There is various waste and plastic pieces. Oil film is visible
upon the surface of the sea. Among the mass of garbage and waste
upon the shore, mutant crabs and things walk…

If this is the first sight after waking up as a doll, please make everyone roll a Madness check (Modifier +1). There are grotesque creatures on the coast, but they are not a threat to the dolls. Please give the following explanation after giving a meeting to make a conversation check about the ocean.

If you look toward the rocks you can see it. A big ship, you
could call it a luxurious cruise ship, entangled in seaweed idles
against the rocks. As if to invite you, a single rope ladder,
drooped and swollen hangs down the side of the hull. Once again,
that sound echoes loudly... the fog horn. Is there something in
there? You all clamber up the ladder with expectations for the
past and the future. You are all now on the deck.

If the dolls have any questions about the ship, tell them that they cannot see any blatantly dangerous situations in particular. There are no holes in the hull. The next part of the session is going onto the deck. Do not give them the option of not going up onto the deck.

There is no sign of anything moving on the deck, but from here the open ocean looks clean... you can see the coastline is extremely dirty. Perhaps over the years drifting waste washed up to the coast. The horizon is bluer than the sky above. The horizon which goes far beyond gives hope to the dolls.

While watching the view from the ship, have everyone make a Conversation check (Modifier+1). Dolls who succeed a check here can be rewarded the "Blue Sky (01)", "Water (37)", or "Coast (90)" Memory fragments. Each doll may only earn one memory fragment during this scene. From the deck you can proceed to the steering room, the captain's room, or the ship's deck.

You can also look around while on the deck. The Necromancer should explain the places to go. From here you can choose where the players go. Please move on to each item according to the destination you choose.

Deck Edit

It was a fleeting peace that the dolls enjoyed on the deck as they saw the ocean that soothed their hearts. Hanging near the stern they find a creepy corpse swaying with the wind. The body is hanging from its neck, dripping and partly mummified. The corpse was perfect, not undead. But, there are some unusual details. A bouquet of artificial flowers made out of colored paper and cloth is placed under neath the corpse. Thick nails have been stabbed into every corner of the corpse as well, pinning it in place. It is this scene that makes you feel uneasy...

Perform a Madness Check (Modifier: +1) to all that dolls who witness this. If a doll sees the corpse after reading the logbook and notebook in the Captain's Office, they may instead make an alternative Madness Check (Modifier: -1).

If there is a doll close enough to touch the corpse, they will see it's dead hand, which should not move, do so, as if it was asking for help. It seems that the dead body actually moved a bit! Only the doll who sees this will make another Madness Check (Modifier: 0).

If a doll actually touches the corpse, or frees the corpse from the rope, Countless fungi will come out and escape, blowing away with the wind. To the dolls, it seems that this corpse was able to move like this due to the fungi.

If the dolls wish to investigate, let them do an Action Check (Modifier: -1). However, you may only make this check if you either have Memory Fragments about medicine or dead bodies, or you have Reinforcement Parts that involve corpses (e.g. [Embalming]).

If successful, you can see the corpse belongs to an adult male that was originally undead. It is not someone from the girls memories, but his clothes are tattered, and his identity is left a mystery.

Even if the dolls decide to leave the corpse, or throw it onto the sea, nothing special will happen.

Steering Room Edit

This room has a large window overlooking the coast from the top. When opening the door, let all Sisters make an Action Check (Modifier: +0). There are no parts or Memory Fragments that may be used to assist this check. If successful, they realize that someone was up here a while ago. They may discover various signs of this. There are various hairs on the floor, and several handprints left on the window, as if an entire crowd pressed against them not too long ago.

However, the interior is in even worse disarray. There are a number of cords forcibly screwed into the gaps of electronic equipment, with unreleased household electronic appliances, such as a toaster and a pot, connected to each other in this mess of wires. There is poured oil, a thermometer shoved into a gap of a machine, plasters on broken machines, and bandages wrapped around them. Sisters do not have much knowledge about machines, but it is obviously odd nonetheless.

After explaining the situation thus far, have all dolls perform a Madness Check (Modifier: +0) if they saw the room. They are allowed to use parts and memories related to vision and machinery. Although possible to judge, the key detail they must know is that almost all the machinery in the steering room has been completely destroyed. Only the sound of the fog horn remains... this ship shall continue to float on the sea, and shall not move.

Captain's Room Edit

There is carpet laid in the room, and a chart hangs on the wall. There is an office desk and a bookshelf. The interior was once disciplined and clean, but now this room became ruined and messy. As if a lot of children went on a rampage, paint and crayons roll on the floor, and there is even graffiti on the walls and the charts. The room is scrambled, and the traces of myriad, sticky hands are everywhere. While the desks are bookshelves are not broken, all the drawers have been turned over, its contents scattered on the floor. From the bookshelf, most of the books that had their pages scribbled on are spread on the floor.

Everyone who sees this room may make an Action Check (Modifier: +0). Parts related to vision may be used. A success will show that the handprints and footprints left in the room are from different hands and feet. They notice that it is not only a mixture of children, but women's handprints and footprints as well.

The majority of scattered items in the room are broken and scribbled on, and thus you cannot get information from them. However, reading the messy navigation logbook is possible.

There are several navigational journals with leather covers found, as well as dozens of notes. The navigation logbook is full of esoteric expressions and professional words. If a doll reads the logbook, let them make an Action Check (Modifier: +0). You may use memories that are related to reading, school, etc.. If successful, you can read the contents of the logbook. The notebooks are miscellaneous. Some notes have been written by children, put together in a little notebook labelled "My Diary" scrawled on the front. Because it's written with little letters and simple words, any doll can read this.

Please proceed to the next section. When reading these, the players must declare who is reading them.

Logbook and Notes Edit

Allocate Madness Checks on the dolls who has read either the logbook diary, or the notebook. If a doll reads both, they make two Madness Checks.

The log was written by a man who was the Captain. He is the owner of the ship. Although rough to read, you can grasp the following contents:

In the moment when the human race was destroyed, the captain,
who was a rich man, and an engineer abandoned the country with his
relatives and subordinates, and ran to the sea.
The name of the ship is 'Elizabeth': The name of the captain's
beloved daughter.
The captain was also a Necromancer, and acquired undead creation
When the full-on nuclear war started, the captain, who refused
to die, took care of himself and his daughter carefully, and,
applied a simplified undead process to all the passengers.
However, the process was flawed. All the passengers, except for
the father and daughter, became a mindless zombie. The father was
weakened and half-paralyzed, and the daughter transformed into an
innocent monster with a powerful undead body with a young heart.
The father and daughter loved each other, but the ignorance of
Necromancy led to it's abuse. He tried to correct the mistake he
made. When all hope looked forlorn, he came to a different
solution to ensure the safety of his daughter.
The last entry in the diary: "Today, I felt my mind wandering. I
insisted upon the solution of using nails to Beth, and she became
upset. The nails stuck inside my body hurt; this body that cannot
die. If you are reading this Beth, do not regret what you have
done. Let me die. I love you."

The vast majority of navigational journals have material value, such as human history records before the final war. But, who knows where the people are who find such value in these things are in the present world? Sentences that clarify the situation of suffering from radioactive contamination and extraordinary weather will stimulate the memory of the doll who read the diary. You may reward the Memory Fragment "Final War" (00) to the doll that received a madness point by reading the diary.

The notebook seems to be written by a little girl. The letters are written in coloured pencils, ballpoint pens, crayons, and various other things. Most of the notes seem to have spelled the thoughtful girl's delusions and poetry. There are some impressive words, however.

"Daddy. It seems like Daddy is sick. I'll make Daddy better."
"I have been sleeping after I was sick. I went back to Daddy's
room, and I got used to Daddy. Daddy is really ill, but I want
Daddy to be better and quickly."
"I fed Daddy a lot of candy. Daddy is still quiet. I hope Daddy
will get better and he'll be fine."
"Daddy asked me to put him outside. I did that and that is all
he asked for. I couldn't stop crying."
"When I was playing, I fixed the machine by putting band-aids on
them. Hopefully that will help the ship get better."
"All my utensils are getting dirty. I should get some more, but
I'm afraid of how dark the kitchen is..."
"People I don't know are on the beach! I'll throw a party for
them! We'll have such a great time together! It's been so long
since I've seen anybody!"

The last entry seems to have been written not too long ago. If you touch your fingers on the page, the crayons smears onto your hands. The doll who read the diary knows that "Beth" is preparing to welcome the sisters at the Hall, which will be in the guest room.

Guest Room/Hall Edit

If the sisters come here without reading either the navigator's diary or the notebook in the Captain's Room, there is some paper stuck on the door to the room. On the paper, crayons say "Stop! Please wait a little more!" It is written in very small letters. This door is made of thick metal, and it locked even if you try to open it.

If you try to force it open, you can hear someone! You can hear the voice of a young girl in panic. "Just wait a little more! Just a little more work in here! I want you to see it when it's ready!" Still, if you intend to break in, you need to use a firearm. You may use a part with either the effects of "Ranged Attack" or "Blast Attack", or be a doll with the skill "Super Strength" using a part with "Unarmed Attack". Make an Action Check (Modifier: -1). If successful, the door is broken, and the dolls may enter.

If the dolls have read either or both the navigator's diary and the notebook in the Captain's Room, they door is covered with a clumsy paper ribbon. The door is not locked. Opening the door reveals a place reminiscent of the lobby of a luxurious hotel. Although this is a Hall, the time when it looked gorgeous has long past. In place of the electric lights, the chandelier is filled with innumerable flashlights, miscellaneous coloured paper and dolls hung as decorations. On the carpet, there are many tables with dishes on them. They have colorful marbles, accessories, beads, toys... only miscellaneous, simple, and silly things.

A crackle is heard, and music begins to play. The sound seems to be coming from a record. The room is full of grumbling, the comfort of the old recording of the music, and...

"Welcome! Welcome! Beth is the host!"

There is a young girl in front of the dolls who opened the doors. She is about six years old. There is a bright smile on the young figure, but a myriad of corpses are randomly connected to her lower body. The sight is too horrible and noxious to behold. Make every doll make a Madness Check (Modifier: -1). If the dolls destroyed the door, they are taken by surprise, and may make a Madness Check (Modifier: -2) instead.

"This is Elizabeth's party! Elizabeth is also the name of this
ship! Please call me Beth!"

Outside the reaction of the dolls, Elizabeth (Beth) will introduce herself with a smile. This does not change even if the dolls are hostile. Even if you strike at her, Beth will keep smiling. If the dolls intend to attack Beth, proceed to the next section. If they talk, she speaks like the example given below. Beth answers the questions clearly. While Beth herself is ignorant because of her youth, she is not affected by insanity, and has no secrets to hide.

Examples of things Beth might say Edit

"Beth has not seen anyone for a long time!"
(To the Doll who broke down the door): "Don't break the door! You might
hurt your fingers!"
"How are you? Beth feels like Papa, preparing all this food for
everyone! Everyone! Beth can't wait to start! Don't miss
"But, even if Beth dies properly... let's all wake up in Heaven
(When the lower body is pointed out): "Beth can't do anything about this,
but Beth is happy! We're happy! They're my friends! My family!
You're here with the Beths!"
(If asked more about her body): "Is it funny for you? Beth is happy!
Beth likes laughing! Beth wants you to laugh too!"
"Okay! If you are adults, you can get your own drinks! Do you
want some? Beth can go to the kitchen again!"
(If asked about repairing the ship): "Ah? Well... why don't you steer?
What should Beth do?"

Beth Attacks Edit

If you are going to talk as Beth for an extended period of time and start to fail, or the players begin to get bored with the conversation, let everyone make an Action Check (Modifier: +0). They may use visual parts, such as Extra Eyes.

If anyone fails this Check, they will damage a part of their choice. If successful, you can see the countless corpses that make up Beth's lower body slowly crawl, and turn their teeth and nails to attack the dolls, tearing into those who failed the check.

"Everyone calm down! Stop!"

Beth hurriedly tries to hold down the dead, but they refuse to stop. The doll who has the memory from the Logbook must make an Action Check (Modifier: +0). If they succeed, they can see that the corpses are aggravated by the presence of the sisters. Beth, however, is confused and crying. The group of the dead will attack the intruders without second thought, however. The battle may now start.

Battle Phase Edit

   Karma: “Cut Beth's legs off.”
   Victory Condition: Destroy all of the Necromancer's pawns placed on the stage. The top priority of the Necromancer is to attack. Additionally, some special measures occur only for Beth. See the following details below.
# of PCs
Area 2 PC 3 PC 4 PC
Limbo None None None
Hades Beth; Zombie x20; Ghoul x2; Rafflesia x1 Beth; Zombie x30; Ghoul x3; Rafflesia x2 Beth; Zombie x30; Ghoul x5; Rafflesia x3
Tartarus None None None

Necromancer Tactics Edit

This battle's design is rather weak, and especially vulnerable to attacks with the "Area" effect on them. If you have multiple dolls with the "Area" effect, they will easily be able to achieve the victory condition.

Beth is confused, and is trying to stop herself. She is still trying to welcome to dolls, and is attempting to hold down her body while they fight. She won't take any actions. She'll apologize if the dolls suffer damage from her attacks. Try and strongly express her foolishness and pity in her words and deeds. However, regardless of her own will, her body will try to destroy the dolls. [Dead Queen], [Bound Body] and [Binding of Meat] continues to work normally. [Bound Body] especially makes mobility under normal circumstances. You must Move using Beth's maneuvers. She will not attack, but it should be enough for the dolls to innocently approach. As she pulls herself slightly, the undead start to move. As long as Beth continues to have the part [Bound Body], you can cross the area many times and disrupt the dolls. All it takes is a single pawn to move, and the entire horde will move with her, since they are not individual beings, but extensions of Beth's legs.

Let Zombies and Ghouls attack the Dolls within range. If you have a doll that tries to escape, do not hesitate to use the Zombie's [Mob] action.

Do not forget to nullify "Stagger" and "Move" by legs, even if you are not in Beth's effective range. The Rafflesia will continue to attack the adjacent area using [Attack Tentacles].

Beth Special Rules Edit

Unlike ordinary Pawns, Beth is absolutely not hostile. While aware of her own body, her lower body is inflicted by madness. She is too innocent and ignorant to go insane. However, the parts that make up her legs ignore her good intentions and attack relentlessly.

Every attack against her is allocated to a zombie by [Queen of the Dead]. However, "Dismember" attacks work as usual. If the dolls "cut" her legs and completely destroy the remaining original lower body, you can "save" her upper body. Beth and shocked, and cannot resist. You can take her away when the doll in the same area moves. In this case, Beth will no longer be an enemy. (She will be removed from the victory condition.)

The group of undead who have been separated from Beth temporarily end up in a state of disorder. They cannot use any maneuvers for 2 counts from the count when her legs are dismembered. [Restraint of Meat] cannot be used.

After recovering from this state of confusion, they will start to attack the dolls, and Beth. They determine that since Beth is cut away from them, she is now an enemy, and will attack her as well.

From here, Beth is still too shocked to take any actions. However, if Beth is left and not taken to safety, she gets angry and starts attacking the players. Use [Jaw] as an attack, and treat her as a normal enemy. If all the pieces are destroyed, and only Beth is left, the battle is over. If she is annihilated, she starts attacking in anger. You may now start the End Phase.

End Phase Edit

Repair Edit

The amount of parts will vary depending on the number of participating PCs. If they win, then the dolls will gain the following repair options:

Number of PCs Basic Parts Reinforcement Parts
2 5 3
3 7 4
4 10 5

When you defeat Beth Edit

Everything is now indistinguishable chunks of meat. If the dolls do not move to either the "Deck", "Steering Room", or "Captain's Room", you may let them go after this. You may want to head inside the ship itself, or just leave since it was a crazy undead's nest. As the dolls leave this ship, of if the Necromancer plans to connect another session in a different part of the ship, please proceed to Favor Gain.

If you save Beth Edit

"Everyone... everyone! ... waaaaaaah!"

When the undead, formerly the lower of half of Beth's body is destroyed, Beth at a loss for words starts crying. The decorated cabin is also ruined by the battle. Beth cries, and does not attack the dolls.

In addition, if you give Beth the basic part [Bone] to repair herself with, she will be like an ordinary girl in appearance. She won't be hostile.

You can leave Beth here, but she will want to go with the dolls.

"Don't leave me alone! Please! Lemmie go with you!"

Still, if you refuse to take her, she will run away to the back of the ship, crying. If the dolls have still not gone to the "Deck", "Steering Room", the "Captain's Room", etc., you may let them go after this. If the Necromancer intends to connect these rooms to a different session, the scenario will end here. Please proceed to Favor Gain.

If the dolls leave this ship and opt to leave Beth behind, the voice of Beth will be behind them as they descend from the ship.

"Wait! I wanna wish you good luck!"

Beth is shouting from the deck, moving herself to the edge. (She may move if they gave her [Shoulder], or some other parts that allow herself to move.) As she clings to the ladder, she slips, and Beth falls onto the rocks far below and is completely destroyed. The dolls cannot repair her. Everyone shall make a Madness Check (Modifier: -2) and the scenario will end. Please proceed to Favor Gain.

It is also possible for her to join the Dolls. If the dolls take her hands and accept her, Beth will come and leave hand-in-hand with them.

The Scenario ends when Beth says so, and clasps the hands of the dolls. If at this time there was a doll that did not gain a Memory Fragment in this session, they shall make a Madness Check (Modifier: +1). The doll that fails will acquire a Memory Fragment such as "Smile" (08) or "Girl" (23). Proceed to the Favor Gain section.

Rooms and holdings Edit

There are no rooms before going through the hall greeted by Beth. If you look around the guest room, you may find something like a Treasure. There may be "Something" in the guest room or hold. If the Necromancer is considering such a scenario, proceed to Favor Gain and let the dolls explore this in the next session.

Favor Gain Edit

The basic favor gain is the numerical value, rounded down, obtained, divided by the total Threat Level by the number of PL. Helping Beth does not decrease the total Threat Level. In addition, please check about the following three Karmas:

  1. "Acquire a Memory Fragment."
  2. "Read the navigation diary and notes."
  3. "Cut Beth's legs off."

After achieving these, the doll can obtain 2 favor points for every karma you achieved. This session is over if you received a favor point. In addition, if you succeed in cutting Beth's legs, the dolls can acquire fetters to Beth with favor. This is the end of this session.

Arrange Edit

If the Necromancer feels that it is hard to play Beth, you can change her appearance and tone. You may even change her name. However, you should not change her childishly innocent personality. It would be strange if she was wise and that she was not affected by serious madness. Additionally, if she is mean, nobody will help her.

Enemy Data Edit

Beth Threat Level: 4
Max AP 10 Timing/Cost/Range Effect
Head Brain [Auto/None/Self] +2 Action Points
Eyes [Auto/None/Self] +1 Action Point
Jaw [Action/2/0] Unarmed attack 1
Arms Shoulder [Action/4/Self] Move 1
Forearm [Check/1/0] Support
Torso Spines [Auto/0/Self] +1 Action Point
Entangled [Auto/0/Self] None
Legs Queen of the Dead [Auto/0/Self] Any damage you take you can allocate to the pawns in the same area. (Apart from dismember attacks)
Bound Body [Auto/None/Self] Whenever a Pawn moves, you and all other pieces in the same area move with it.
Restraint o Meat [Auto/0/0] All Pawns in the same area are immune to "Stagger"

A Savant born right after the destruction of the world upon the ship Elizabeth. She has innumerable dozens of corpses fused with her.